1628Ancient Stirling Lodge (from which one of the founders of the Kirkwall lodge came) seems to go back to at least 1628.
1717 caDawn of ‘modern’ Freemasonry (or perhaps: “Moderns”)
1723 caEmergence of the third degree in England
1730 caDegree of “Perfect Master” worked in London, Bath and Bristol. This eventually became the fifth degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
1736Foundation of the Killwinning lodge in Kirkwall
1736Foundation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland
1736/7William St. Clair of Roslin is Grand Master of the GLoS
1740Kirkwall lodge received charter signed by St. Clair
1740 caEarliest mentions of the Royal Arch degree in Ireland, Scotland and England. “Ancient Stirling Lodge” mentions it in their minutes of 1745. There is a suggestion that they also knew a Royal Ark Mariners degree.
1742According to Cooper, the minutes of the Kirkwall Lodge make no mention of a third (or futher degrees) before 1742.
1751Foundation of the Antient Grand Lodge of England
1760Red Cross worked in the London area
1766English Royal Arch lodge was promoted to the first Chapter (from 1801 called “The Supreme Grand Chapter” which is a “Moderns” chapter.
1769First mention of Mark degree in England
1779Kilwinning High Knight Templars Lodge was founded late 1779. From this lodge two (rivaling) Knight Templar organisations rose (both in Dublin): Early Grand Encampment [of Ireland] and Kilwinning High Knights Templar Encampment, which both had degrees (and order) much similar to the Kirkwall Scroll.
1780 caCooper presents a “Seal of the Grand Chapter at York. c.1780” with a similar design to the rainbow on panel 2.
1785Minutes state that: “Bro. William Graeme, visiting brother from Lodge No. 128, Ancient Constitution of England, was, at his own desire admitted to become a member of this Lodge.”
1786Minutes mention that Graeme gave the lodge a floor cloth, now usually taken as a reference to the Kirkwall Scroll.
1794Oldest Ark Mariner reference
1800It seems that Knight Templar degrees only start around 1779
1800 caThe ‘Sheffield’ Knight Templar Ritual (c. 1800) has an order of degrees quite like on the Kirkwall Scroll.

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