Panel 1 The Creation Panel

According to Day, we here have the scene described in Genesis II, 19: “And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto the man to see what he would call them.” He wonders why his predecessors Craven and Speth think that the human being is Eve (who was not yet created at that moment).

Day argues that the human must be Adam and compares the image with humans on other panels, taking that the entire scroll is made by one artist. As a counter suggestion I would like to offer the idea that the maps on the sides are not of the same painter as panels two to seven (the maps were added later to the scroll) and that the painter of the Genesis scene is the same as the painter of the maps. Just look at the mountains and the way water is painted here compared to other panels. Panel 4 is also a candidate for that possible other painter. Would this be correct, the maps and the Genesis scene would have been the starting point to which the other panels were added (or they replaced something else). The original (?) scroll might have been turned into something ‘more Masonic’.

Back to the image on this panel. A very different suggestion is that we are looking at the Last Judgment.

We see the sun left and the moon with seven stars on the right. The middle, Day calls “a glory”.
On panel 7 a quote (in cipher) can be found from the King James Bible, which -in a way- can be used for dating the scroll. Another possible connection are the sun, moon and “glory” on panel one. The first edition of 1611 has the following frontispiece. Note the sun and the moon and the Tetragrammaton in the middle on top of the image.

Cooper also makes much of that “remarkable similarity” which “almost beyond doubt [confirms] that the artist, if not directly copy from the frontispiece, was familiar with this image.”

Below I took out the most obvious symbols from panel 1. Should the curly green line (sky?) be included? When you click on an image, you can leave your suggestions.

Symbols on this panel:

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