Panel 2 Symbolic Panel

Day just speaks of “Panel 2”, Cooper calls this the “Second or Symbolic Panel”.

The image on the top right must be the sun, right? Does that make the image on the top left the moon? A blazing moon? If that is true, the sun and the moon are here reversed from their positions on the other panels.

Cooper writes: “The first three images across the top of the panel recall the three images of that [previous] panel: the Sun, Moon, seven stars and the Name of God in Glory.” So the seven pointed star is a moon with seven stars? For more of Cooper’s remarks per symbol, please continue with clicking on the symbols below.

We might see here images that are forgotten by Freemasonry by now or by some forms of it at least. You may notice that the square and compasses are ‘upside down’. This also happens frequently on old and recent tracing boards. Actually all squares and compasses on the scroll are upside down, except on panel 8!

According to Day the images do not refer to a particular degree, but “are those of purely Christian Degrees”. Apparently even when he can’t identify them, Day seems certain that the symbols must be linked to degrees and thus, separate rituals.

Cooper uses the rainbow to suggest Royal Arch. The “headgear” supposedly supports this suggestion. It is a bit odd, since the Royal Arch can already be found on panel 6. Two elements Cooper ascribes to “another branch of Freemasonry”.
Even though the Royal Arch is already in panel 6, Cooper has another reason to see the Royal Arch in his panel:

Which is -obviously- compares to the rainbow and clouds on the panel. A “Chapter” is a ‘Royal Arch Grand Lodge’.

There is also an obvious Templar cross. All in all it is unclear if this panel refers to a specific degree and if it does not, what the use for it was. Is it a summery of what follows below?

Jackson writes: “This panel appears to be a symbolic representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.” To corroborate his suggestion, he presents an interesting Irish (though 1900th century) Masonic image in which Christ on the cross stands upon steps with on the side a ladder with INRI on it. Above there is a cross with three cross beams like on panel 7. Cooper also refers to the Passion Cross.

Symbols on this panel:

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