Panel 7 Altar Panel

Another panel about which Day is very extensive. He says that the right half of the panel refers to the Mark degree (even though: “It is not quite so easy to identify the right hand side with the Mark Degree”) and the left half to the Excellent Master degree. It occurs to me that the most striking element of the Mark degree is not present. Cooper also bluntly states that: “The symbols on the left of the panel are from the Excellent Master and those on the right are from the Mark ceremony.” With two Masonic scholars stating the same, I suppose it is true. Cooper says that -just as on panel 6– a link is made between the “craft” degrees and the two degrees on this panel. For that reason you see both “craft” symbols and “Mark” and “Excellent Master” symbols.

Again follows a very long text on the cipher on the front of the altar. I suggest you read his article if you are interested. (See “literature“.)

Symbols on this panel:

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